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You know the feeling. You're sitting at your desk, staring at a blank screen and wondering what to do next with your engagement marketing.
The problem is that you don't have someone who can give you answers when you need them most, but there's a solution for this!
Skyrocket Sessions gives you access to RJ's engagement marketing experience whenever you need it. Schedule a 15 minute session to have your projects reviewed, your questions answered and walk away with clear action steps to improve your engagement marketing strategy.
The only catch, you must complete your previous session's action items before booking your next one. That way you stay accountable, and keep making progress.
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Meet RJ

In a galaxy far, far away sits a small business owner, possibly like you, who is as passionate about your engagement marketing as you are. RJ's mission is to make 1 million people change their marketing. You read that right . . . 1 million! It's no small task researching, creating, and testing fun and interactive engagement marketing experiences. But let's face it, this work is essential and carbon copy marketing has got to go!
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Got Questions? I've Got Answers.

I'm scaling back right now, how would this help me?

I've also had this question from people, I'm scaling back right now, how would this even help me? My friend, if you're scaling back, you are now scaling back to what is working in your business. Β What are you scaling back to? You're scaling back to what works and you need to know that the stuff that you're putting out there is bringing you something back. You need to know for sure. That that is coming back to you when you put it out there and on to the internet.

And so what better way to know if something is working for sure than to get my eyeballs on it. I'm a marketing director. I've been doing this for years. I have expertise in all kinds of marketing campaigns, and I can help you. I can help you with these skyrocketing sessions. With these sessions, we'll be able to look at what you have, set you straight, make the tweaks that need to be made so that you can not only scale back, but scale back up again when the time is right.

I'm scaling up, how could this help me in my business?

Some people have this question, I'm scaling up. How could this help me in my business? Let me say this. That if you're scaling up, Β you want to scale up what works right? You don't want to scale up to something that may be kind of working. That's kind of a lot of effort and money, with only a very little return. You want to scale the right stuff up.
Would it help to have a marketing expert take a look? Would it help to have me take a look and be able to tell you, okay, if you're scaling up, then this is the absolute best marketing campaign to go with. This is the one that you need to pour money into. This is the one that you need to shut down. Would that be helpful? If it would be helpful in your scale up, then get on my schedule. We will talk about this because here's the deal, if you scale up without having somebody take a laser focused look at what's going on, what you'll end up doing is like when people move from house to house, and they take the boxes in the attic that they packed 10 years ago before they moved into their current house. And they transfer those boxes to the next house, probably without even opening it up in between. Darling, don't transfer the trash, do not scale up what is not working for you.
If having a marketing expert look at it would help you then let's get this going on.

I don't have a strategy, can this work for me?

Sometimes I hear this question: RJ, I don't have a strategy right now at all. Is this still for me? Could this work for me? My answer is grasshopper, yes. Listen, some people are totally fortunate enough to start out with plans. They've written a business plan, done a risk analysis, probably have a spreadsheet or two open and, they're in business.
Me, I needed to eat and I knew how to build a websites. And that is how I started my first business doing websites and website reviews. I didn't have a plan. I just had some skills and I knew some people who needed them and that's how I started. So don't be ashamed of not having a plan.
Heck, most people start without one. Anyway, however, If you're starting without one, actually that's not a big deal because here it is. Wouldn't it be nice if you could hire a marketing expert who has traveled these paths before, who can help you avoid pitfalls in spending and time and lead you right to what's going to work the best for your situation in your business.
Wouldn't it be a better path when you build a better strategy from the very beginning. If you didn't have to fail first, if you met someone who had failed first before you, I have failed, I've had a lot more successes, but I have failed in the past, my friend and I will share each and every one of these stories and snippets with you, along with all of the tips and tricks to make it so that you can skyrocket your business.
I hope that answered your question.

I need results quick, is this going to deliver?

Some of you might be thinking, I need results quick, is this going to deliver? Let's examine that statement. I need results quick. If you have a marketing campaign that has been sitting in your digital desk, collecting dust and it's time to get it out. That is something that can be done relatively quickly.
If you have a marketing campaign that's running, that's producing you results that you just really aren't super enthused with or is very meh or isn't producing at all. There are tweaks that can happen with that marketing campaign that can get you results quick. Now. Different marketing campaigns work at different rates, right?
Some will turn you around money quickly. Some take more time. So I can't promise you that you pay today, you'll get results three-fold next week in your bank account. I can't make any promises like that. And I expressly do not make any promises like that because that would be dumb. What I can promise you is this...
You will get results in direct proportion to how hard you work on your homework. Every single Skyrocket Session ends in and here's your homework. Here's what you need to do to make this better. If you are willing, ready and able to take those actions, then I promise you, you will get results.
You will get results based on that type of marketing campaign and how long it usually takes to work. All right. That's what I can promise you because people that don't take this seriously and just kind of want to hear maybe some reiteration that, yeah, it's a great campaign, whatever. Hey, don't hire me. Hire a yes person. Hire a person who will say, Oh my God, that's so great, whatever you turn out, hire that person. Don't hire me. Because I'm going to give you the objective truth. I am going to give you what you need to be able to move on from that point that you're stuck in right now. Don't stay stuck.
Grasshopper. That's my advice for you. And let's get some results together.

I'm a small business, I can't afford it.

Some of you might be thinking, but I'm a really small business. I can't afford this. I can't afford the money it's going to take or maybe the time, or maybe both. I get you grasshopper. And I have been there before. So let me ask you to change your perception on this. Just a little bit.
If you think every time you see something that you want to do, I can't afford it, what you're doing is you're setting up a feedback loop for your own life. It's not pretty, you're not going to grow much beyond what you are right now. How do I know that? I've done that I have done that. Oh, I can't afford that. I can't take that trip. I can't do that thing. I can't, I can't, I can't, I can't, it's a feedback loop my friends. So what if you said this instead? I want this, I can't afford it. How do I get there? Do I need to arrange a payment schedule? Do I need to cut a few costs?
Whatever it is, ask how can I instead of saying I can't do that. No matter whether you decide to go with this or not take that mindset shift throughout the rest of your life. And especially when it comes to your business, because I am invested in making my business grow.
That means that I have to risk. It means that I risk. And when I really want something in my heart of hearts, I know that I'm willing to take a risk. So think about that.

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